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John Hennessey
(photo by Ron Stumpf)

"Let's Have a War" the song by the group "Fear" might have been the inspiration for Bugs, the Evil Killer Cat of True Death by John Hennessey -- The lyrics included, "It could start in New Jersey." Reagan was president at the time. nonetheless, this collection seems eerily timely.
         John M. Hennessey died in '98 at age 44.

i went to college with john at point park, pittsburgh, in 1972, '73. we did a very wild sloppy mimeo magazine under the influences of various drugs titled NART DWEEPHOR & THE ETERNAL EYE OF POINT PARK THOUGHT.
i've always considered john extremely talented - art does not die!  ron androla

ron androla

Bugs, the Evil Killer Cat of True Death

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john hennessey/bugsthecat1

john hennessey/bugsthecat2

john hennessey/bugsthecat3

john hennessey/bugsthecat4

john hennessey/bugsthecat5

john hennessey/bugsthecat6

john hennessey/bugsthecat7

john hennessey/bugsthecat8

john hennessey/bugsthecat6

john hennessey/bugsthecat10

special thanks to Judy Hennessey for sharing this outstanding collection.

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