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Here is one of the most useful collections of tips and tweaks for Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. From simple usage tips through complicated Registry surgery, you can find it all here, organized by category. more HERE!
Microsoft Download Center
Free downloads and software updates

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...No tuition, no books to buy, no hidden fees. It's free ... all of it! Complete courses and tutorials for more than 120 different vocational and academic disciplines. Free online courses, tutorials, study guides and lessons in 120 academic and vocational/technical topic areas. Education as never before!

Ad-Aware 6
... Ad virus's...a problem is that most common anti-virus programs do not detect this kind of viruses since users most times are fooled into installing them willingly, often by clicking some button on a popup-webpage which will not close otherwise. One way to detect and remove these viruses is to download the Ad-Aware program. Detects and removes spyware virus-components...Ad-Aware Homesite
Kelly's Korner
...Windows Troubleshooting & Support / Troubleshooting Windows 98/XP , Reinstalling Windows , Support for Windows , FAQ's for Windows 98/XP , Registry Edits for Windows , DLL's and Drivers for Windows , Error Messages for Windows , Multi-Booting for Windows , Device Identification for Windows
The Internet was once touted as the information superhighway. Instead of a superhighway, it has become more like an expressway at rush hour: slow moving and filled with obstacles, requiring that you navigate through the unwanted and the unexpected.
My Way is taking a significant detour from this road most that we believe makes all the difference. My Way has partnered with Google to feature the world's best search engine along with our full portal offering...all without banners, pop-ups, video ads, direct marketing and privacy concerns. (And a lot more.)

An online computer dictionary and internet search engine for internet terms and techincal support. - Tech Support * Request a Term * Report an Error---The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology.
Search, compare, and save at 40 bookstores, 20,000 dealers, and millions of books. Looking for hard to find, used or out of print books? Why waste your time going from site to site? You can search all of them with just one click. If they have it, AddALL will find it.
completely free software
you can build up a fabulous collection of tremendous free programs! (or order a cd for pennies)--- why pay hundreds of dollars for programs like MS Office when you can get such high quality, professionally created alternatives - for FREE...
The Internet Lost and Found
the largest free lost and found classified resource on the web! Search or Report lost and found property. For Lost and Found Pets, please visit our Lost Pets section. If you operate an Animal Shelter, Law Enforcement Agency, or Media Outlet, please Add Your Resource to our website to assist individual recovery efforts.
Kazaa Lite a software client that provides access to the same FastTrack network as the peer-to-peer program, Kazaa Media Desktop, but does not require users to install any third-party software or view any banner ads.

DIRECT download Kazaa Lite 2.0.0 (English)
  • scan your PC for any out-of-date software
  • check your software for vulnerabilities
  • detect adware and other third-party components (and auto-remove them)
  • from software updates to security fixes
  • CatchUp automatically finds what you
      need to keep your PC up-to-date
  • "Smart Tags"
    With the introduction of Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft is attempting to command stronger control over the entire Web. The tool they're using to begin the process of lording their version of the Web over people like you is a seemingly innocuous little feature called "Smart Tags."...more here
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