meet the almighty staff

Dave Dembinski:
- dave founded the hold in July of 1998. he is also editor and occasionally writes poetry. dave has a habit of finding people with questions that need answers. if you fit the bill go to dave's Virtual Help Desk and toss your canary caca his way.

cait collins:
- I have electrical outlets. I have electrical outlets that work. I have electrical outlets that don't work. the electrical outlets that don't work with the ones that do work, might. I also have electrical outlets missing in action. the electrical outlets that are missing in action are still there. what can I say: it's an outlet! I sit in my own cumMmm. I get stuck in traffic. I fuck myself already, so don't tell me to go fuck myself. and if that ain't enough, go mess around in my office. that should sum me up. I need something stiff now....brb

Michael Basinski:
- The Associate Curator of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection of University Libraries, SUNY at Buffalo, Michael Basinski's concrete opems (yes opems), poems and articles have appeared in many magazines including Deluxe Rubber Chicken, Boxkite, Rampike, Open Letter, Lungfull, Explosive, Tinfish, and many others.  His visual works have appeared as covers for Lvng and Slipstream magazines. More visual work can be located at and These web sites feature sound files.  His most recent books include Heka (FactorysSchool) Strange Things Begin to Happen When a Meteor Crashes in the Arizona Desert (Burning Press), Beseechers (Light and Dust books) and Mool3Ghosts (Reality Studio).  He regularly performs retro and neo Fluxus works with his ensemble The BuFF/Fluxus Project. See also:
in other words...Michael Basinski works in a library and now creates graphic covers for the hold!

Jeff Filipski:
Jeff Filipski is originally from Buffalo NY
An artist for over twenty yrs
A member of E.B.M.A. Jazz and Poetry Ensemble
His voice appears on "Enjambment"
His laugh appears on Kurt Nimmos "Bongo Moon
some of his visuals have appeared in:
Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Non Compos Mentis Press
Atticus Review
Pure Light
The Hold
Fubbles Press
There are others whose memories are mostly thought manifest several of which are a product of extensive brain damage and/or are simply not memorable enough to mention...
He tours florida with his artwork trying to convince tourists that his wild forms are really fish, indigenous wildlife, very disturbing still lifes and neuro-self-portraiture...

Jay Miner:
- resides in Sparks, Nevada. Jay is co-editor of the ho!d also poet and prose extraordinaire. He is busy gathering material for his new website: A Letter from the Hole. check out Jay's credentials and you'll see why he's extremely qualified.

Linda /Paul Hurwood:
- Linda and Paul are the hold's 'in the playpen' directors which means they scout for all the perverted photo's and cartoons that you all enjoy... Linda/Paul's page at the hold



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