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mY TeRRace was wiped away-Desperation-oR inSpriation?=I Pulled on The Door Knob-To Get jus .........FELL---___-off.....s0-fragilE..".0r poorly-PUT"=~[- Peotry By: Jamie Lepore-]-Fasten Your Helmet----but-juS dun Fallzzzzzz*
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We*All feel*~ We*all fear* We*all hide in the dark*


We*All scream low We...AND...wE all search the alleys

*While*aching for love*aND=pURITY


~*I am your Art*~~~~ * A fearful figure -....

...Who skated your world.........

,,,,,,,,*Oblivious to your expectations*

*I am a mere sketch*~ *I bleed non color*


*I am the crack in your illness...

aND.. *I am lucy in nails

*I am light and I am Dark*-

*Come with me___ AND Dine~.....

under my burden of veils~~~

*We are set from the rest*=

*Like monsters* ~~~~~~~~~

*we bleed ourselves to death~~~~

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Aware -Of-The-ArT-we have BECOME=

Inspritaion? Or Desperation?


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I think theres a ghost in here!

My Crayons broke

and the puppets


my wall

dont talk anymore

My cigarrette smoke

isnt stunning

and my 50 cent tatto

fell down the septic tank


I took a picture of

Rotten eggs on the floor

And slid through the vomit

And all because


Told the truth



we have all met "LUCY"-once in our life

And =our conversation delights her

Title: Swallow


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Might be pride might be sin

Might be the _~^Smog on ya walls_

eSS i shouldA stayed 0n my.....Sliding_~^=walls...

sweating~`~~`like a your Jar

Trenches 0f Pain...BUT!=.i..can..d0.ThE+++-scratchin-GamE+++


iN the morninG...well.

..were all the same through veins....~

wings of truth an......lies....

were all ThE__SAmE~^)_+\

an..i..liSten--an,,~i,,i,,wanna FlY

but..i lay in

.im yoUr ...YoUR..FlY..


M~so0o--ClevER~~swimming the VaporS=of mangled loveRS~

-Strangers_-i think...!!!!!!!

.while..\....i am,,particularly STRipPED


........pArTicularlY--invisablE..agaiN Yuh




..."BranD nEW SpiT...

in MY SwalloW"=TODAY

It might be pridE iT might be Sin*

Makin so invisable---again^^^^^


Aka=Brace=Always~~~~Protect your circle

Many thanks To Cait collins

And to all the creative people at ""


Whispers-a prayer-for=our=world





jamie lepore
>Name: Bracelets_HELL....~JaMIE...t0 thoSE ..wh0..shaRE theyre Cigs...alalallalaaa)_+ Grew up in the TRenches 0f NeW~YorK CiTY....Where i,,,Developed ...a...senSE..FoR__(((( PaIN)))=(strongley advise anyone to stay away from cellars)~~__Started Writing At Age 4yrs=When singing newest peom in caR~mommy SAid!!==Shad up...I'll ..?~_. *I now livE in..Gutter oF miami=South=Beach+...And do_*Sing*...and..they still say...SHaD~UP..alallallalla* +my peotry is true crimes true things as are my songs+ +if youR in miami__finD,,,,,a muSic,,cellar....Bangin mY guitar+ ~~oh yea,,,,...~~~BuT!! (~_C-ya-Be-Well-_"anYone got a cig?...? Type 0f Poetry:____SLidin___

[---always Specail Bites to cait collins ]

Signed:Bracelets_HELL      *Be Well*Protect*YouR*Circle^)*
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