dan sicoli



men with gloves
leave your vision
as you submerge

on the platform
a group of diamond-eyed slicked-hair jacks
with oddly sculptured facial beards
converse in alien tongue

a large woman slams her handbag
into your elbow
your funny bone smarts
s’cuse me she utters and doesn’t look back
you decide not to forgive her

a sax blows just the other side of
a stairway somewhere announcing
a gush of hot steam which messes
a tie guy's hair
surprisingly he stops you
and attempts soliciting spare change

you cough up half
your hershey bar
and nothing more

a high school drop out spits repeatedly
at the tracks
a nun stands near perspiring
minds her business

an omen of air swirls down the corridor
like an unleashed doberman
when the rumble of train cars peg the volume meter
doors spread wide
you march through the threshold of
the spray-painted steel sausage link
along with the rest of humanity

a well-dressed elderly woman hands you
a fresh tulip and smiles
you nearly forget the stench of urine
until your next breath

you smirk
put your nose into a paperback
and hope the weatherman will be
wrong again

(first appeared in Third Lung Review)


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Dan Sicoli

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     Dan Sicoli (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) is co-founder and co-editor of Slipstream Magazine & Press, now in its 22nd year of publishing. His chapbook, Pagan Supper (2002), is available from Pudding House Publications. He guest edited the September 2002 issue of Stirring. Other recent work has appeared in Sometimes City, Opium, and Atomic Petals. He dries his own plumb tomatoes.
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