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Reuse, Recycle

x - When did you get this fucking dog, man?
o - My girlfriend thought it would make a nice gift...
x - ha!
o - Shut the fuck up, man..
o - I hate this fucking dog.
x - So give it back... or kill it and tell her it got run over.
o - Not an option, man.
x - ha!
o - Shut the fuck up.
x - What's it's name?
o - She calls it precious and sweetie and shit.
x - ha!
o - Shut the fuck up, dude.
x - Goddamnit!... So where the fuck is Travis?
o - He'll be here.
x - He's already 20 minutes fucking late, dude.. and-
o - Dude. I said he'll be here.
x - Fuck.. ok.
(actual minutes)
x - Fuck, dude.. I zoned out for a minute there.
o - What?
x - Nevermind... So where the fuck is Travis?
o - Goddamnit! You fucking twat! I told you he'd be here just a fucking second ago!
x - Shit, man.. sorry... I thought it was longer than that..
o - Shut up, asshole.
(uneventful passage of time)
o - Where the fuck is Travis?
x - Dude! I fucking told you something's up!
o - He'll call.
(phone rings)
o - See?
(phone rings)
o - hahaha!
(phone rings)
x - What the fuck?!
o - Hello?
x - How the fuck did you do that, dude?!
o - Shut up!
x - Shit!
o - Hey Travis, man... yeah... Where the fuck are you?.....
x - What?
o - ahh....
x - What??
o - Ok, man.. see you later.
x - What?!?
o - Chill, ya peanut head motherfucker! He's comin'.
x - But where the hell is he?
o - He stopped by his house-
x - and the cops were there!
o - Shut up you fucking asswipe!
x - Damn dude!
o - Jesus, you're paranoid...
x - Well shit, man.. he's dealin' other shit out of that house too.
o - I'm well aware of that..
x - (blink blink)
o - There was a late autopsy..
x - Aw, man.. he didn't get it, did he?
o - He got the torso, man.. chill the fuck out.
x - Ah, thank god.
o - God, you're a sick motherfucker, dude.


Rock on!



Sara T. Punk was born and raised in a vile little church town in northeastern Oklahoma. ...about 5,000 very oppressive people and 32 churches...'nuff said.

sara T punk

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