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There’s a first time for this, anything for there’s a first time, but it feels like the last time, Over and over again. Playing that same old sad song. Straddling my midsection cock and eating my guts. Tearing into flesh with the sharp beak of stealth. Tied to the headboard, I watch you lovingly roll my innards in the frying pan with onions, bell peppers, and paprika. Nice bratwurst, kielbasa, or polish sausage on a French roll. Garnish with fresh mint. It goes quite nicely with a well aged Merlot. Down in the hallway, someone is screaming for dear mercy, the gods through the bathroom ceiling

The blast knocks

her an indent where her body once was…back against the wall and leaves me. Yet, you told me you didn’t want much. Yes, I’d buy that for a dollar. Just let me have one last cigarette, one last first before you finish me off.


rude and comical responses by the-hold.com rejectees by jay miner

Jay Miner

Jay Miner was born in Buffalo, New York and currently resides near Las Vegas, Nevada. He published his own print ‘zine, “The Rebel’s Advocate,” from 1995-1997 and currently serves as Co-Editor of The-Hold.com. In 1999, he was commissioned to read at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, Arizona. In print, Miner has self-published several chapbooks and appeared in Wooden Head Review, Fuck!, Zenyth, and Peshekee River. Online, he has been on The-Hold, Mipo, Mindfire Journal, Lucid Moon, Unlikely Stories, and Zen Sutherland’s Digital Diary. His spoken word cassette, “The Dirty Soul Diary Project,” which was produced by Frank Tedesco, was named the Buffalo News “Local Record Pick of the Week.” Selected tracks from that cassette also appeared on the CD compilation of Boxhead Records who co-distributed the cassette. His spoken word has recently been added to Frank Tedesco’s Prestige Entertainment Group label featuring a page at mp3.com, various CD compilations, and currently getting regular airplay at WUFT/WJUF, Gainesville, Florida, and WSCS, New London, New Hampshire.

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