Didi Menendez


The Smell Of The Sun Spooning A Cloud

A deja vu
je ne se qua,
the smell of the rain
as it bursts
through the ventanas.

No it is not that at all -
but the smell of you
after a shower -

No no -
It is not that at all.
It is the way you walked into our bedroom.

The way you stood by the door
drying yourself -
legs apart
drops still hanging on to some part of you-

The smell of your glance at the mirror
Your glance at me-
sometimes vice a versa-
The steam on a jealous mirror
as our room became your smell.

Yet it is not that at all.
It is the smell -
the smell
of the sun spooning a cloud.

Yes that is it -
yet -
I wish to describe it as just baked bread-
But it was more like the smell of money-

Yes the sun about to spoon a cloud
and the smell of money
as you came into our room
frontal view ---

And how I inhaled
to taste the smell -
as the sun spooned a cloud
and our noise became like the rain
as it burst through the ventana.

Didi Menendez


Didi Menendez is the producer for several digital magazines. She is a single parent living in Miami, Florida.

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