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dark dead planet i can see you from the tip top of orbit in my shuttle in my head on my floor my co pilot’s head de tached from his body on my floor and of ut most im portance a smile my smile on my face on his face rubber bands are st apled so t hat i can wear it [co pilot] to the co stume par ty.



derange, choose the second doorand
what’s behind it
arrange and rearrange chose the second doorand
what’s behind it?(i’ll tell you)
thevoice of Reason   ‘s pick’d up
tetanus a tongue kiss    ing
parkbenches fuming now through
wires shut   thevoice of Reason
could a try with gestures of the hands

maybe what’s behind doornumber two
or   saves his breath

contestants contest the constellate
of insects soil’s color cluster
white suns
or   saves the day   (count:   One)
this one and never a next
ants and the confute constellate

die in place
(verb: discept, thisis composition)

keep it off

the cat's, yes out of the bag     but who put it there in the first place?

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