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issue 66 /april 2003 cover courtesy jeff filipski
cover courtesy jeff filipski
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Page from Spruce Valley

A backyard mourning dove
puffing for its mate

the feathered pitch
of April’s plaintive coo.

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"Buddha Special"
Buddha Special
the art of Bill Beaver

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•///in touch with ron androla
..."Let's Have a War" the song by the group "Fear" might have been the inspiration for Bugs, the Evil Killer Cat of True Death by John Hennessey -- The lyrics included, "It could start in New Jersey." Reagan was president at the time.

• ///Eric C. Harrison
... is a chain smoker who likes to fish and who takes his artwork very seriously. Much of what he does represents misanthropic depression and the darker, uglier aspects of the human psyche as well as the delusions that preoccupy his excessively paranoid mind...
get a good look at what's goin' on HERE!

Chuck Kindle
...is a 38 year old twice divorced father of two who has mangled english for more than 20 years...so he says...check him out and welcome to the hold

RC Edrington
...currently prides himself in being a bum, and long ago gave up the 9 to 5 slave cycle/like single malt scotch.//1 page ezine called "Spent Meat" I am always accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, reviews and artwork.

in touch with ron androla
..."Let's Have a War" the song by the group "Fear" might have been the inspiration for Bugs, the Evil Killer Cat of True Death by John Hennessey -- The lyrics included, "It could start in New Jersey." Reagan was president at the time.

new book releases
...s.a. griffin with Duckwalking Thru The Apocalypse --- Epistle-stories & essays - Michael Hathaway ========
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•///jan mc laughlin
...The PAL in action: Blow, blow, blow... live! YES! i want one of dem hats...sppppinnnn~~~!

•///Lewis LaCook
...new mp3 cruel Girlfriend, blow...=========!

cruel Girlfriend

•///Thunder Sandwich
...new mp3 cruel Girlfriend, blow...=========!

cruel Girlfriend virtual headlines:

What is Camp Dickface?
...Camp Dickface is a Burning Man themecamp. The concept is for guys to pose for photos replacing the noses of celebrities and politicians with anonymous dick-shots. You may also notice when looking through the galleries that the women of the playa would not stand for being left out. . . so you'll also see dildo-face, tit-face and even pussy-face...go here!

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april 2003

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- Mark Hartenbach -
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- S. A. Griffin - Bottle of Smoke Press
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- Gerald Locklin - Bottle of Smoke Press
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- Henry Denander - Bottle of Smoke Press
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- Steve Carll - Tinfish Press

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...The Murder of Ramon Vasquez...

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