RC Edrington



There's nothing more empty
than a refrigerator w/o a door
except for the windowless room
where it lays on its side
three feet away from a naked girl
sobbing on a cement floor
in the frail arms of a man who
would steal her last $10 bill
if she had one
and she knows it
because to him there's nothing
more empty than a syringe
staring from top the refrigerator
except for his blurred eyes
which are my eyes
and can no longer focus
the carved features
of a boyish face
shattered in a mirror
with a fist and left bleeding
beside an unplugged refrigerator
and a syringe
and down the naked back
of a girl who's become
just another hole
aching to be filled


Jen's a still life on the sofa
with her snakeskin skirt
brushed up to reveal
the tongue like wetness
of her pink silk panties,
and her Judy Garland face
lays half submerged
in a syrupy puddle
of her red leather jacket,
and if it wasn't for her eyes
adrift in the liquid sky
I just might accuse her
of actually being alive,
but now it's my turn to turn
and as the heroin begins to burn
I can bear witness to nothing
but the water that rusts snake-like
down this chipped and cracked
porcelain sink.

RC Edrington

      RC Edrington currently prides himself in being a bum, and long ago gave up the 9 to 5 slave cycle. He currently writes, paints, drinks, and spends long hours hunched over a pool table. Writing "poetry" for the last 10 years, he has only recently mustered the stamina required to send his stuff out for publication. His next chapbook is due out Summer 2003 by Babel Magazine.

Sisyphus Press will be releasing my chapbook, tentatively titled "Exploited Images", as a part of their "Outlaw Series" this summer - 2003

I publish a monthly 1 page ezine called "Spent Meat" I am always accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, reviews and artwork.

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