Catfish McDaris


I Love Farming

She bought me
a bottle
of Dirty Dick's

She grinned
while I
it's flavor

Then I
checked out
her spread

And plowed
forty acres.


Tricky Mick

Sympathy For The Devil
came on the radio
as I was burning rubber
down Broadway

Like a banshee from hell
in a stolen car with
a Christmas tree tied on top

I wasn't going anywhere
important only to see
my shrink so she could

Tell me something I
already knew.


The Balloon

We heard the horses
galloping back and forth
across the meadow

We looked out the window
there was a gigantic sunflower
yellow hot air balloon

Two men were beside it
arguing, Puma and I
went out to see what
was going on

One man had a suitcase
and a gun in his hand
he ordered us into
the balloon

He tried to get the
other two suitcases
from the basket
but Puma slashed
the tie down rope

We sailed away
over mountains and streams
the other suitcases
were full of money

We couldn't figure out
how to land
finally I took my boot
and threw it against

The balloon, it ripped
a big hole in the fabric
we fizzled to the ground

Taking the money we
hiked to a phone and
called the sheriff

They came and got us
the men had robbed
a bank in Flagstaff

One was dead
the other dying
we got a $5000 reward.


     I have been writing for ten years. Published lately in Slipstream, Chiron Review, and LA-REVIEW, I have also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 15 times, but never won. I am currently a postal worker in Milwaukee and a bricklayer. I am from New Mexico, but moved to Wisconsin 25 years ago. I read often and have won many slams. I read at Ginsberg’s farm in Cherry Valley three summers ago, with all the beatniks left alive. I am also contributing editor of LSR (formerly Latino Stuff Review) and I am also contributing editor of Shrimp! I am married to a Mexican lady and have a 14 year old daughter.


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